Immigration Evaluations

I conduct clinical assessments (or immigration evaluations) for immigration cases. They include hardship waivers, cancellation of removal waivers, and VAWA.

As a Family Therapist, I am especially attuned to the impact of family separations. The feedback I have received from the client’s attorneys regarding the quality of my report has been quite positive without much need for rework. These are some of the important benefits of selecting my services:

  • I can conduct the interview in 4 languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German) so you don’t have to look for a different therapist based on your client’s preferred language
  • I am a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in the state of Florida. As Family Therapists, we are trained to explore how events can affect a person’s system. Family Therapy offers a systemic lens that best articulates a holistic impact of family separation.
  • My turnaround time is less than 7 days including a minimum of 3 sessions (interviews) before finalizing the report;
  • I conduct emergency interviews on the weekend;
  • I offer an environment where clients feel welcome, safe, and confident. I am immediately available to their attorneys and can provide revisions quickly;
  • I lived in 4 different countries, including in the Middle East. I understand the hardship faced by different cultures and where I don’t, I am resourceful to look for related country data (I have a BA in International Relations and I am knowledgeable in Human Rights data from most areas of the world).
  • I am trained in EMDR, which is one of the best protocols to treat trauma in clients who suffer from PTSD, including those impacted by domestic violence, sexual or physical abuse. I will also explore how trauma can make a person forget or avoid discussing what happened to them.
  • My reports contain references to current studies and peer-reviewed articles;
  • I can conduct evidence-based psychological assessments and include the interpretation of the assessments;
  • If a client’s case qualifies to receive a diagnosis, I provide the diagnosis as well as why the client fits the criteria.

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